About Me

Socal Elopement Photographer

connection. that's what i'm all about. real & raw human connection is why we're all here, right? well, i'm your new friend, tagging along to capture the sweet moments that you'll want to remember for years to come. these memories you'll want to share with your grandkids when you're old and grey.

this is your story, i'm just here to help capture those sweet little moments. i'm here to create an experience you can look back and appreciate.

About Lexi

So, you want to stalk me a little more– that’s good! I’ll give you a little peek into who I am as an artist and person. My husband bought me a Nikon dslr camera while he was deployed and I instantly put it to use! The day after I got my camera, I went to the San Diego music festival, Kaaboo, and took pictures of as many artists and performers as I could! One of my main things I love about this job is creating memories and connections with my clients. I strive to be more than just your photographer, I want to be your friend as well! At a shoot, you’ll most likely hear me joking around and trying to make you as comfortable as possible so you can get the best photos to cherish for years to come. My work is for the laid back and fellow goofballs that want to have a good time. Lexi Hope Photography specializes in natural light and couples photography. I will do my best to capture both the extravagant, big moments in your lives as well as the little, beautiful details that you’ll want to look back on. My style stays true to you and your pictures won’t get lost in the editing. If you like candid, romantic, emotional pictures that you can look back on and remember those moments, message me and let’s get started!


Things I Like

My Sweet Husband | Luke

My #1 best friend & supporter through everything and the reason why I became a photographer! Luke and I met when we were both living in Georgia right when we were both about to move haha. I was moving out to California and he was leaving for boot camp for the Navy. Even though living across the country from each other and dating long distance for 2 years was definitely tough, he was 1000% worth it (cheesy I know lol). We like traveling, trying new foods, and playing video games together!

My Fur Babies | Rys and Pumpkin

I can't identify as solely a cat person or dog person lol. I love them both and have 2 kitties and a doggo of my own! Rys and Pumpkin are both rescues and they are best buds. Whenever I'm editing, one of them is close by!


My sweet boy, my cuddle buddy, and my editing partner! Drogo (yes we love Game of Thrones too lol) is a rescue and we've had him for almost 3 years! I LOVE dogs and almost always will either point them out or try to pet them when I see them at sessions!