Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about your shoot? I’m here to help! Here I’ve listed the most commonly asked questions I get. If you still have questions afterwards, feel free to reach out!




What's the booking process like?

First, I get some details on what you have in mind (ex: date, location, type of session) Then I have you sign a session agreement and once you do that and pay your retainer, you're all set and booked!

Are you available for travel?

Heck yes I am! Adventuring with you and your love sounds like a blast! I'd love to travel to wherever your heart desires (for a travel fee of course)

How many photos do you offer?

The minimum amount of photos that I will deliver for weddings is 400 and for sessions at least 20. I strive to capture all the special moments, from the big hugs to the little kisses. Every session is different and the amount of photos change depending on the details!

Do you give out raw photos?

Simple answer: Nope!
In Depth answer: Editing is half of the magic of the images that are delivered and without that process, your photos won't be complete. I promise I won't leave anything out and if you feel like I've missed a photo, just ask! I'll do my best to locate it so that you don't miss out on any memories!

What if we need to reschedule our session?

If you've already paid your retainer for a date and need to reschedule, you can reschedule your date for a fee and subject to my availability.

What if we need to reschedule due to weather?

If the weather is that bad and we can't shoot without damaging the camera, we can reschedule! But I have to say, I've seen some amazing photos done in the rain or with strong winds. So, we can talk about whether or not we need to.

What do we wear to our session?

I have created a What to Wear Guide that I can send over once you're booked! But my main tip is to wear something comfortable and that fits your style! If you stick to earthy, neutral tones and dress appropriately for the location, you'll be set!

Do you offer payment plans?

I try my best to work with everyone's budget, just give me a heads up and we can discuss it!

How long will it take to get our photos?

I will send out some sneak previews within 3 days of your shoot. Your final gallery will be available 2-3 weeks if it's a regular session and 3 months if it's a wedding!

Are we allowed to post our photos online?

Yes of course!! You have printing rights and a photo release with your images. Feel free to post them as long as you don't filter, crop, or alter the photos in any way! And if you want to tag me, I'd greatly appreciate it!


Other Questions

Still have some questions? No problem! Send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! I reply to emails within 24-48 hours and will do my best to make your vision come true!